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1998 C230
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I have a few questions about the interior lighting in my car. I have a 98 C230, and a bulb in the display went out. As it's very dim, even before the light went out, I want to modify it a bit.

The instrument cluster:
1. Can I change the backlight color of my clock/temp/tach/odometer?
2. Is it safe to paint my needles?
3. What should I clean the internal reflectors with?
4. Anyone have the part numbers for the 3W and 1.2W bulbs?
5. Are the bulbs all 12V

The gear shift
1. Can I change the color of the gear indicators?
2. Are they seperate bulbs for each gear, or just 1 illuminating the entire row?
3. Do the window and trunk release switches have seperate bulbs?
4. What are the specs for the bulbs that illuminate the gear indicator and window buttons?

The radio and ACC:
1. Can I brighten the display on these?
2. Can I change the color?
3. What are the specs for the bulbs they use on these?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. I have searched meny forums and these are the only questions I could not find answers to.


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