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everyday seems im finding out more things about this car, i just ran the VIN by suggestion of a member here, not sure i should copy/paste it all here, let me know if thats ok? but seems the car is a euro..but an odd one? i did some research of tracking owners which came to a dead end..the guy is a ghost haha..doesnt seem to exhist (im sure he does) talking to this other member he gave me pointers of what to look for..i have half of this and half of that..and the stuff i perhaps should have, i dont and they arent things that somone would have changed to make it US approved?? Rob

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You're the third person I believe on this board who has a 300TD Euro turbodiesel. [:)] Check your PM, you definitely have a Euro. Some items were federalized to make the car legal in the US (such as your speedo w/ mph and kph). There's also a thread about this:


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well ill post it here, have seen others do it now..anyone have more comments on this? again new to benz's

Model 300 TD TURBO
Chassis 12319312015072
Engine 617952 12 043699
Transmission 722315 02 312639
Order 0 - 229 50234
Approx. year not defined
Dealer Stuttgart branch (229)
Interior cloth galaxy blue (052)
735 astral silver metallic (с 01.01.1972 по 31.12.1990, с 1994)
254 Becker radio Europa Kurier cassette (с 01.06.1978 по 30.11.1990)
elimination of lettering "automatic" (с 01.11.1964 по 31.12.1972)

411 mechanical and hydraulic sliding roof (с 01.10.1965 по 31.10.1993)
steel sliding roof (с 01.02.1963 по 30.09.1965)

430 headrests in the rear (с 01.01.1977)
safety belts, front and rear (с 01.01.1964 по 31.05.1973)

466 central locking system (с 01.04.1970 по 31.10.1993)
461 + 464 (с 01.10.1966 по 31.12.1966)
462 + 463 (с 01.07.1968 по 31.08.1969)

531 automatic antenna (с 01.01.1963)

541 double roller blind used as luggage and passenger guard (с 01.01.1980)
halogen lamp unit, crystal clear, r.h. traffic (с 01.08.1967 по 31.12.1972)
additional halogen lamps (с 01.01.1967 по 31.07.1967)

570 folding armrest front w202/210 stowage box front with armrest (с 01.04.1970)
front folding armrest w202 - housing at front with armrest

591 white foglamps (с 01.01.1963 по 31.07.1965)
heat-insulating glass, all-around, heated rear window pane, (single-sheet safety glass), Germany
heat-insulating glass, windshield shot-colored (с 01.02.1967 по 31.01.1971)
green heat-insulating glass all round, heated rear window, single pane safety glass - Germany (с 01.01.1972)

656 Michelin tires (с 01.08.1965 по 31.10.1989)
Veith tires (с 01.01.1963 по 31.01.1965)
light alloy wheels, 10-hole (с 01.06.1993)

724 cargo anchorage (с 01.04.1979)

843 rear seat bench divided 2/3 : 1/3 (с 01.10.1977 по 31.08.1996)
rubber mats on front floor, left and right (с 01.02.1963 по 31.10.1968)

Внимание! При копировании этой страницы удаление строки с указанием источника информации расценивается нами как нарушение наших прав. Вы предупреждены!

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