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If you grab a copy of MB Classic magazine (an European magazine, quarterly or so, in English), in 2/2009 issue it covers on a W140 estate.

And... apart of sevral examples of 3rd party modifications there is just one (1 !) example in the world that was modified by a 3rd party and submitted to MB for verification and achieved full blessing from MB and has right to wear the star on the hood. As yo may know, after "illegal" modification you should not wear the star, as the car is not from MB-line-of-products any more.

Later on this "blessed" estate was planned to go for a normal bigger scale production by this 3rd party, and even some leaflets were produced, but financial issues ca 93-94 stopped the idea.

By the way - e.g. the back door was from W124 break.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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