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Interesting Article for Bluetec Diesels & FYI for Others

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I saw this on another web site and thought I would share. Very interesting reading if it is true.
Mercedes-Benz & Sprinter BlueTec Diesel Issues/Problems | Stephens Service Center - Sacramento's Best Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs
Mike T.
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Since we do not have diesel section- the topics should go to General .
That article was brought on forum before and I take as whining of guy who is not getting along with dealers.
Bottom line, I am not putting 20W-60 oil into my diesels, even I am frustrated with very limited oil choices we do have in USA.
Changing high-tech oils every 5000 miles means you run the engine on overdose of detergents and anti-acids all the time.
Why not just add some acid every 3000 ? ;)
Seems the guy is not even aware that BLuetecs do have oil coolers
I think there is 1 thing I would agree on with the article.
"Italian tuneups" do work !
Here is nice video about W212.
If I listen to it right, Stuttgart had 1200 engineers working on it.
Do you really think one angry old man knows better?
Well.. I can talk Ford Truck as much as MB.
IMHO Ford is about 10 years behind in technology comparing to MB.
The features I have in 2008 MB, now I have in 2017 Ford Truck.
Still it suck big time that truck who is design to have rear axle load between 2500 and 8000 lb has solid springs, while MB has adjustable suspension on wagons for 40 or 50 years.
I would also separate MB form MBUSA.
Having European roots, I monitor how those cars are used/maintained in Europe and first obvious thing is that Mobil1 could not "motivate" European market to buy their products.
In life usually you don't have "white" or "black" choices, but you have to oscillate with shades of gray.
Still I am not putting 20W-60 in my cars.
What oil are the Europeans putting in their cars?
Lot of them are still using dino oils, while the best recommendations are for semi-synthetics.
They have whole list what they can use.
I am personally upset that I can't buy Shell Helix for my diesels in USA.
Seems to be excelent oil, coming from USA-based (Dutch owned) corporation, still not sold in USA.
FYI there is pretty detailed topic about diesel oil test in DIESEL SECTION
on the forum that has one.
M1 always generate higher iron on all weights and that is why I avoid it whenever I can.
Funny when I was sending samples to the lab, the lab recommended oil change due the higher iron, but then come with "if you don't mind higher iron, just drive it another 3000 miles"
Bottom line- the solid criteria how good oil should act don't exist.
Universal average for iron is 17
You have 42 on short interval.
Hardly good job.
Will wait for your next report.
Just like with everything in this life, you never have solid borders.
I was sending oil samples to Blackstone Lab.
For them iron at 30 is red flag.
Send the question to your guys and see what they answer?
That shows how double-tongued oil analysis can be.
I did several samples back in 2011.
Now I compared couple of results from different oils.
For M1 ESP formula the average iron at the time was. 30.
I run synthetic Rotella T6 in my Powerstroke and average for this was 17
Looks lie between 2011 and 2017 Blackstone allows M1 to generate 4 times more of iron particles.
Do you smell a rat?
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