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Interesting Article for Bluetec Diesels & FYI for Others

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I saw this on another web site and thought I would share. Very interesting reading if it is true.
Mercedes-Benz & Sprinter BlueTec Diesel Issues/Problems | Stephens Service Center - Sacramento's Best Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs
Mike T.
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Interesting indeed! Looks like the OP of the article has some experience with diesels. His recommendation of CJ-4 15W40 for OM642 has peaked my curiosity.
I do like his recommendation for the magnetic oil drain plug. Drainplugmagnets offer what looks to be a solid piece of engineering . I have some past experience of using Japan built ( made by Spoon company) unit that simply had magnet "unglue" from the bolt!
I do like his recommendation of pulling belly pans off during summer months to keep the motor cooler. I think I may pull the top cover off too.
FYI there is pretty detailed topic about diesel oil test in DIESEL SECTION
on the forum that has one.
What's the link?
Looks like Marc is running Amsoil 5W40 European formula EFM which is MB-229.5 spec in his OM642 motor. He has 2008 R320 and those have DPF.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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