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Interesting Article for Bluetec Diesels & FYI for Others

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I saw this on another web site and thought I would share. Very interesting reading if it is true.
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Mike T.
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Just like with everything in this life, you never have solid borders.
I was sending oil samples to Blackstone Lab.
For them iron at 30 is red flag.
Send the question to your guys and see what they answer?
Blackstone Lab's average on my cdi is 50. They flagged it when it "spiked" to 107, which I concluded was because of me using Mobil 1 esp oil. Since I switched to Mobil 1 European Blend, the iron level came down to 83 on my last oil analysis.
Also with using the esp oil, my copper spiked to 6, which the average is 3. My last oil analysis it was at 4.
Mike T.
That shows how double-tongued oil analysis can be.
I did several samples back in 2011.
Now I compared couple of results from different oils.
For M1 ESP formula the average iron at the time was. 30.
I run synthetic Rotella T6 in my Powerstroke and average for this was 17
Looks lie between 2011 and 2017 Blackstone allows M1 to generate 4 times more of iron particles.
Do you smell a rat?
I am not all in on the M1 bandwagon and may try a different brand of oil at my next oil change.
Mike T.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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