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Interesting Article for Bluetec Diesels & FYI for Others

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I saw this on another web site and thought I would share. Very interesting reading if it is true.
Mercedes-Benz & Sprinter BlueTec Diesel Issues/Problems | Stephens Service Center - Sacramento's Best Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs
Mike T.
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Interesting read. I just emailed him regarding his recommendations for the 06 E320 CDI.

John :confused:
I do believe that the writer of the article knows a thing or two about MB. This is from his website.

Tom worked for Mercedes-Benz for 25 years as a Technician, Instructor, and Service Manager. As the Service Manager for dealership’s in Houston and Sacramento, he received Mercedes-Benz “Service Manager of the Year” award 5 times. After opening his own Mercedes-Benz service center 23 years ago, Sacramento Magazine honored Stephens Service Center with “The Best of Sacramento”.

Well stated Cowboyt. Also, look at the VW debacle going on currently.

What oil are the Europeans putting in their cars?
Here is Mr. Stephen's reply as to his oil recommendation for my 06 E320 CDI.

In the winter, I would use 10W/40 Redline motorcycle oil. In the summer, 20w/60. Even the 2006, run very hot exhaust driven turbocharges. They run at 1300F. That's why you change the oil every 5000 miles & change the air filter every 20000 miles. Your engine is much better than the BlueTec, but it still needs the better oil. New diesel oil is junk. Here is a article from Ford. They will not approve the new diesel oils for their diesels. That is a bold move by any manufacture.


I have been changing at 10k mile intervals, but I do change the filters at the 5k mile interval. I also own an F250 7.3l, since new, and have been using full synthetic 5w/40 diesel oil changing at 10k mile intervals.

This oil issue has as many opinions, some based on fact. I will be sending some samples for analysis at next change.

John :confused:
Here's my oil analysis. The engine had a total mileage of 102k miles, and this sample of Mobil 1 European formula 0w-40 had 7k miles on it. I have changed to the Redline motorcycle full synthetic 20w-60 as recommended by Mr. Stephens. I will send another sample at 5k miles on the new oil and post that analysis also. My fuel mileage has decreased about 6% with the new oil.

FWIW, the Mobil 1 appears to have been doing a good job.



Not sure where you are getting your universal average for iron, I'm just going by what the report says. Green checkmark and values within acceptable limits.

I will contact Lubescan for their normal values for my engine. Here is an interesting read.
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After 3000 miles of using the Redline 20w60 synthetic motorcycle oil, I have drained it and replaced with the recommended 0w40 Mobil 1 European formula. The reason? Stumbling/surging at low RPM under light load. See that discussion here.

After talking with a diesel mechanic friend of mine about the symptoms, he told me that the high pressure rail injectors can be very finicky with dirt, sludge, incorrect oil, etc.

Engine is now running flawlessly again!

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