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Intake manifold R&R

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Anyone done this?

Any tips?

In chasing my vibration, i've found others who've had issues with gunked up intakes so would like to try it.

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More likely to be bad motor mounts and/or transmission mount. Also, check harmonic balancer.
+1 it is unusual with a benz engine to suffer from carbon build up, happens a lot with BMW engines though. I would check the motor mounts to see if the mounts have split and allowed the oil to leak out, thus sitting down on the chassis.
its not. motor mounts, tranny mount, and harmonic balancer are all new.
Well if you are going to de-coke the manifold then put new fuel injector seals on whilst in there. Check all the breather pipes for cracking, and if backed hard change them too.
changed the breather hoses as well.

Injectors would go out for cleaning with new seals if I do this.

This vibration is a real brain tester.
Cocked manifold intakes and bad vibration is very common on the BMW range especially the 3 series but very rare on MB so this is a guessing game I feel.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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