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Instrument Cluster removed and now steering wheel controls don't work

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I removed my cluster to replace some light bulbs. When I replaced the cluster my light illumination didn't change. The only thing that did change was using my steering wheel controls to change the functions on my cluster. I removed the cluster to look and see if my pin connectors were coming off and they appeared to be tight. Does anyone have any recommendations for me to check next? Thanks! ....Its a 2000 E320 Base Sedan.
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I would remove the cluster again and disconnect the harness (dont recall if it’s 1 or 2 harness’) and reconnect again and test. Sometimes, the connectors can be finicky.
I’ve has similar issues on the w163 after swapping the cluster bulbs. Don’t place the cluster back into place until you know for sure, the connection is good.
Keep us posted.
Thanks for the reply! I did, I hooked everything back, wiggled wires and slightly tapped on the cluster with no change. I did that several times. I guess that the cluster is bad. :(
You can always try this
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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