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Finally got around to taking it in to the dealer and, as advised by Guru and Sleepwalker, they changed the whole IC. If you remember my original post, the temp/clock part of the display had become dim and the whole row of warning lights and the gauges would flick on and off at regular intervals for a short time after start up, before all working properly. Anyway, the time taken before everything began working became longer and longer, up to 45 minutes. So,I had to take it to the dealer.

At first, they didn't seem to know what was wrong. Then they rang me and said the whole IC would need to be changed and it would be about A$1500. After I collected it, I noticed that I couldn't get the ambient temperature display, just the clock. I reported it back to the dealer and they say they are waiting for info from Mercedes, as they say the original part number had been superseded and that they may no longer have the temperature function.

Anybody heard of this. Can anyone with a later model (V113) confirm if they have the temp display?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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