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Hi everyone,

Again, another small frustrating issue that I hope someone has encountered before and maybe able to shed some light on.

So, as I have mentioned in a previous post, after this years MOT ( Dec 14 ) my v220 decided to go into the dreaded limp mode. I thought the MOT bloke may have done something to cause it but of course can't prove anything. As I had no lights on the dash as a warning, I went through the great posts ref this issue and checked everything mentioned, vacuum hoses, headlight hoses, air flow sensor, turbo connections and all were fine.
What I thought odd was there were no warning lights on the dash. I also noticed that all the others were working with the exception of 4 and the backlights to light the dash and indicators ( although the indicators work externally fine ). These were ABS, TYRE one from the far left, glow plug, goes off then comes back after 5 seconds ( these are new in from October 14 ) and the dreaded EDC.

Not wanting to send it back to BBA Reman, who appears didn't spot these led's had been removed when they repaired the ribbon!!!!!!, I decided to replace them myself. Easy enough job as the ribbon had already come away so it was a £1 purchase on ebay for the led's and a few challenging minutes soldering them on the board. Put everything back together and sure enough, the 4 warning lights lit up. I am off to a local garage this afternoon who can hopefully read the faults and give me some pointers as to where to start.

As the speedo and rest of the gauges work fine I am only now worried as there is no backlights or indicators working. I have replaced the little bulbs but still nothing. I have checked all the fuses and all are good.

As i work nights, I have resorted to a downloaded app called digihud which works off gps and is great as I can still track how many mpg or expected distance left till the next fill up and, of course, I know what speed i am doing.

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks as always,

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