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I found a rare one 3 years ago, a beautiful 1991 300 SL. The car was owned by an old guy and had 60,000 miles. The car is perfect, the guy even upgraded to Momo wheels. There were some electrical problems that I had fixed under a warranty I bought. The digital readout on the heater was off, and the speedometer was reading too fast. The local MB dealer replaced instrument cluster and everything worked great.

Last week I saw something I have never seen before, when you hit the right signal, all of the gages went to the right, and the right side warning lights came on. Hit the left, now the left side lit up! This was way beyond an electrical short!

So, back to the dealer I use for warranty work (Best $2000 I ever spent). He's replacing the cluster again. Two clusters in two years? Is there a known problem with this?

The warranty expires in 5000 miles and, at $3000 a pop, I want to know if I should be putting some money away, trying to extend that warranty, or is there an upgrade available?

Any comments or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!


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