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Hi everyone!

Just thaught I would post about a problem that seems to be common with the instrumentcluster in the W211.

Recently I have seen 3 cars with the same problem. The instrument clusters becomes very in the background. This is very easy to see on Avantgarde vehicles with the white background.

The light regulator switch on the left side seems to be working. I can see that the light in the speedometer-needle is increasing when operating it, but the background still is very dark.

As an experiment, I changed the instrument cluster on one of these cars for a friend, and everything seems to work fine. The problem is in the cluster itself.

These clusters seems to be using some sort of selv-illuminating film, and not light-bulbs for background-lightning.

Anyone got any solutions for this problem that seems to be very common?

Of course I could just buy a used cluster with without this problem and change the boards inside so I will get my milage right, but I'm curious why this happens :)

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