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Instant Off

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1984 300TD

The vacuum system works good. Good brake and locks work fine. One thing that bugged me is that it took what seems like a long time for the engine to stop after the key is turned off. About two to three seconds. It shakes bad during this time.

I pulled a vacuum reservoir tank off a gasser and installed it and a check valve as close to the vacuum switch on the ignition as possible. The engine now stops nearly instantly. About a half of a second. Much nicer.

How long should it take to shut down?

Am I compensating for another problem or have I made a design improvement?
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I have removed my 3/2 valve, should shut off instantly, as mentioned.

Numerous vac leaks plage these cars. Check to see how much vac (inHg), need ~7.

Pull the brown/violet line from the shut off actuator, is there oil? If so, replace the shut off actuator.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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