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2000 ML320
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First let me make a point to tell you that this is my moms old car, I'm 17 and I really have a limited knowledge about installing subs and all of the terms, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could make it as simple as possible for me!

I have a 2000 ML320, I'm looking to install two tens in the trunk area. My questions:

-I've heard you have to get new speakers (I have a the bose system)
-Does it require a new head unit?
-Is it hard to do, I don't have a Mercedes dealer or anything close to that where I live. I have a TON of friends who know how to install subs and rewire their cars all the time but I'm not sure if I'm willing to let them fool around with my car because it's such a complex make.

ANY information you guys have concering this or if you guys have any pictures, would be SO helpful. I've been asking around about this forever with no luck on finding any specific answers. I'm also looking to do this as cost effective as I can.


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I will try and help with what I know

I too am in your shoes, I have purchased a used 2002 C230 Kompressor Non Bose system. The current outlook is it is trickey. Your system may, like mine, have some fiber optic wire in use. To cloud things even more, it appears the head/amp and speakers are rated at 2 ohms impedence. Most shops and aftermarket manufactures produce 4 ohm components. So far here are my options.
  • Replace all components Head/Amp(s) speakers
  • Replace speakers only with 2 ohm impedence
  • Replace ALL speakers only with 4 ohm impedence
My understanding is if you decide to use 4 ohm speakers, you must replace all speakers or due to the impednece difference the speakers. If you mix and match 2 and 4 ohm speakers the speakers will either be out of phase or not work at all. Additionlly, I understand this will not hurt your head or amp unit since the head unit and amp will meet additonal impedence. The drawback here is the power level will be less approximatly 3 dB at any given point. If you were to go the other way (lowering the speaker impedence below the head unit/amp rating then you run the risk of burning the the head unit/amp up. The decrease in impedence of the speaker allows the head unit/amp to throw more power at the speaker than it would normally send and hence over heat the unit.

If you rip out all of the old and replace with new, you may want to consider taking to a professional installer. I dont know the condition of your car or the value, but it appears you would like to maintain the the cars interior appearance. My thoughts are you will need to determine the price of your three options and determine if you want to put that amount of money into a car of a specific value. In other words are you putting a tuxido on a pig.

Let me know what you discover.

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Okay son, you ready to take notes?? JK :)

If the head unit and all the speakers are working fine then it is better to just leave them alone. If it ain't broke then don't fix it!

It is a real easy task especially if you are looking to add only BASS. Here are the things that you need to do.

Before commencing INSTALL:

1. Find the best way to run the power wire from the battery to your Amplifier.

2. Get hold of the speaker wires that feed the bose rear speakers. You will have two wires from left and two from right. This should be fairly easy. Pry open the plastic covers on the B-pillars on both sides and look at the bottom, you should see a whole bunch of wires. You should look for Pink (+) and Brown/Pink (-) in color on the left and White (+) and Brown/White (-) on the right.

3. You will have to get one of these PAC-SOEM-T-2

4. The PAC SOEMT2 converter serves a dual purpose here. It will convert your speaker level signal to a RCA level signal and also has a built in Remote turn-on trigger which you can connect to the amplifier. I assume you know that the remote turn on is a real pain in the a--.

5. At this point you pretty much have everything in place.

1. Connect the RCA cable to the AMP
2. You can find a good grounding spot pretty much anywhere to ground firmly
3. Connect the remote turn on from the PAC-SOEMt2 to the AMP
4. Connect the subs
5. Power the AMP, install the fuse

If you see lights dimming with the bass then you can start fixing that by installing a capacitor and work your way up to a better battery and so....

Optional steps after amp install
6. Open roof and drive.
7. Roll down all windows halfway.
8. Drive slow when passing chicks..... LOL

Good luck!
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