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1961 UNIMOG S404.1
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Posting new thread because I can't find this anywhere else.

Installed a sending unit in my 1961 Swiss Unimog S404.1. Then trying to add gauge to instrument panel. How is the gauge wired?

Three tabs on gauge: + - & unmarked (center). I think the Center goes to the wire from the sender. + seems to indicate power when key is turned, and - would be ground. Without power I got ohms reading connecting ground to sender. When power applied, nothing. No longer reading anything on ohm meter and gauge never even twitches.

What am I doing wrong? And now no longer getting a reading between the single connector on the sender and ground at the tank - I hope I haven't blown the sender. Very frustrating. Can anybody help?

Chris Watson

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1965 404
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Answered this in your other post, but just in case someone finds this thread:

Fuel gage wiring:
G=blue black wire. It goes to the fuse block then to the sending unit
+=black wire. It goes to the instrument illumination switch
grey red wire goes to the gage light bulb (from the illumination switch)
brown is ground
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