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I have the iPhone cradle in the center console of my 2005 CLK Cab and I installed the iPod interface kit to listen to the music on my iPhone. I have the cable routed to the center console from the kit and it sounds great. The problem is how to neatly install and route the cable in the center console so it works well (i.e., the console is all together and goes up and down nicely) and so that it looks like a professional installation (i.e., cables not showing or at least routed neatly in the center console). The plug connecting to the cradle is kinda big and doesn't really fit neatly next to the phone so it sits in the air next to the phone. The cable isn't made to bend the way the phone cradle cables do so the new cable doesn't really route well with them and there's no way to connect it to the iPhone cradle cable without cutting a hole in the deck of the console for the plug and cable.

So my big question is - how have people routed this cable to their iPhone cradles? The only way I see to do it is to cut holes in the plate on which the cradle sits and route the cable underneath with the other cables. The problem is the plug is so big it won't fit well in the space below this top plate. If you go below that space the placement of the plug also interferes with the cables that move in this space when the console top is raised or lowered.

It seems the best option is to raise the height of the top plate by about a quarter inch somehow so the space below it can accomodate the plug and then route the cable somehow so it moves smoothly when the lid is raised or lowered.

There aren't a lot of options here and the seemingly best require a lot of cutting and still doesn't resolve all the cable routing issues. If anyone has any suggestions of if anyone has a factory install that they've investigated I'd be most grateful.

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