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installing axle assembly in 123

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Using my Haynes manual I've got one axle out and have got the new one almost back in. I reversed the taking out procedure installing the differential side first and I'm finding I am hanging up on the wheel side by about 1/8 inch. I jacked up the diff but I'm wondering if reversing the taking apart procedure meant putting in the wheel side first. This is on a 84 300 d. I'm new to this forum and this Mercedes is new to me. The boots were shreded on the old axle assemblies. Yes - I did try the search function first. If anyone could advise if it's best to reinstall putting in the diff side first or wheel side first that would be great. Any other helpful tricks to this job would be appreciated.
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Ya you get what you pay for with cheap axles. I have a number of threads on them. My old theory was junkyard finds and when my current chinese crap goes that is what I am going back to.
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