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installing axle assembly in 123

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Using my Haynes manual I've got one axle out and have got the new one almost back in. I reversed the taking out procedure installing the differential side first and I'm finding I am hanging up on the wheel side by about 1/8 inch. I jacked up the diff but I'm wondering if reversing the taking apart procedure meant putting in the wheel side first. This is on a 84 300 d. I'm new to this forum and this Mercedes is new to me. The boots were shreded on the old axle assemblies. Yes - I did try the search function first. If anyone could advise if it's best to reinstall putting in the diff side first or wheel side first that would be great. Any other helpful tricks to this job would be appreciated.
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When I did mine I inserted the Axle in the Differential first. Also there may be metal Spacers/Washers that go between the Axle and the Differential with wich the Retining Clip should go in without too much problem but ounce the Retaining Clip is installed there should be no detectable in and out play of the Axle in the Differential.

When I went to install the part of the Axle that goes through the Wheel Hub I had to do some moving up and down of the Differential (my Rear Trailing Arm was hanging free).
But, I still had to compress the Axle; shove it into itself to to make it short enough to reach the Hole. The caution here is you do not want to tear your new Axle Boots so compress it carefully.

Somewhere in these repair links you will find a proceedure on the Axles.
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If you plan on keeping your car for a long time you might consider buying the Factory Service Manual 2 CD set. It covers the complete Car back to front with the exception of turbo and transmission rebuilding and it does not have the front end alighment specs.
The cost (in the US) is $19.99+$7 shipping. (The money saved on a few repairs pays for the manual.)

Classic Technical Literature
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If you buy the Asian made Annular Axles (one end of the Axle will have 5-6 Bolts going through it) users have been reporting the Nuts come off of the Bolts.
I would suggest removing the nuts one at time and re-installing them with Loctite Thread Lock type compound.

Others have reported that the machined radius on the Differential End of the Axle is too fat to allow the stock Spacers to slide up against the Axle Face.
Some solved this my modifying the Spacers.

Some have had problems with the shaft area where the Retaining Clip goes.

Some have had problems with the Splined end that goes throgh the Rear Wheel Hub not fitting into the Hub.
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