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I just purchased my first Benz. It is a 1998 E 430 sport, miraculously with only 62,800 miles on it. So, far I couldn't be happier and from what I've read about the year and model I shouldn't be disappointed anytime soon.

I'm not a mechanic!!! I have an r/f modulated CD changer that I want to install. I installed and removed this from my last car. I have no reservations about mounting the changer and running the wires up to and behind the dash in the benz, but when it comes to getting power... this is where my questions come in. I need a continuous 5 volts and a 5 volts when the car is running. The fuse box is under the hood so I'll have to use a wire splicer. I know how to use a multimeter so I can find the wires, but is this something I should let an experienced installer finish for me? Can I screw anything up?

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