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Installing a hand control in my w222

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My dad is handicapped and I am going to install a hand control today cause the dumb people at the dealer didn't know what it was (even though it's on the web site), used to take it to a shop but they did a horrible job last couple times.... Any tips? I know people don't work on s classes at home but my father likes the car so I am willing to give it a shot... I used to build audi's so how hard can it be.... Well it's been fun driving it for the last 2 weeks but family first... Time to get to work. (Will post pix) Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Automotive design
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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Steering wheel
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(even though it's on the web site)
Out of interest, can you give a pointer to the above?

The pics are from your car, I did not see any mods in this car (yet)?
Awesome, the whole story. Starting from the fact that you faced an average workshop who does not know their own stuff but you did not give up. Unfortunate that your dad cannot drive the car without the additional equipment but he is lucky having a son like you.

My first thoughts about the pics were that the metal joints do not exactly match the W222 interior but do not look too bad for the purpose. Could perhaps be made even better with some covers if possible but reading further I noticed you had already looked at that.

I'm sure you will both enjoy the new car.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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