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2009 GL550
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I am looking at a 2009 MB GL550 with 11500 miles on it that is coming up for a bankruptcy auction. I have talked to the auction company and they will allow an independent inspector to come and look at the car but it can onloy be started and not driven. I have seen some companies that perform a 150 pt inspection. The car is still under warranty and unless it has been wrecked (not been as per Carfax and Autocheck) then there is a 2 1/2 yrs remaining MMB warranty, so i am not too cooncerned about this fact of not being able to test drive it.

Any comments and likes dislikes on inspection companies appreciated. We are in houston TX area. I talke to a company that performs underbody inspections, but they declined the inspection because they could not drive the car. THis was an all inclusive where they actually jack the car up, take the wheels off to inspect brakes, etc, but they won;t even consider performing the inspection unless they can drive teh car.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Tim in Houston
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