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Inside door handle

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Loud bang when I tried to open drivers door. I thought maybe the cable had gone, but when I got the door trim off I found this.

Door handle Handle Household hardware

The crank has snapped clean through. I've managed a bodge for now. Question is, can I get the little crank pin and lever on its own as a prt, and what is the part number? Car is a uk spec 2004 SL350, drivers door i.e. Right hand door.

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Went to the dealers today and they had one in stock. £14.64 including vat. Although I will have to wait for the clips for the doorcard. Of the two I think the clips would be more likely to be held in stock.

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You can go ahead and start the job, if you're careful, and the car is not too exposed to elements, you can take them out without breaking them.

Also, even if some break, place the good ones on the sides when putting the card back on, and leave the empty slots by the speaker grill. You can actually pry the card away from the door by an inch or so, after you put everything together, pry it just enough to slide in the clips, then snap them in. Boom, you didnt have to postpone the job waiting on the dealer :)

tip: take a photo of the inside of door card, so its easy for you to visualize the slots, and sliding clips into them by touch, before snapping them in.
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