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1995 C180 Elegance
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My C180 has had the front suspension lowered by the previous owner to the point where the tyres ground on the wheelarches at anything more than 1/2 lock. I've been looking at fitting an adjustable spring conversion kit from Demon Tweeks to adjust the ride height to clear the arches.

[:0] Now, before you throw your hands up in horror (I know, I know!), this is just meant as a temporary fix until I can save enough money for replacement springs and shocks - I've been quoted some hideous prices for these, and being a Mercedes owner I'm now very poor [:(]

I need some info on the suspension of the C180 to make sure that a) these will fit and b) I order the right type. The kit is "universal" for any 50mm/2.25in diameter strut and is available with two top caps - either with a 10mm circular hole or a "D" hole.

Can anyone shed some light on what I need? (and please don't reply "a brain transplant"!)
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