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Info on 87 190E 2.6

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Am looking at an 87 190E 2.6 L, automatic w/155K. Is there anything to be especially looking for on this car? How is the reliability of the 2.6 as opposed to the 4cyl engines? Asking price is $2500.
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Look around for less miles if possible

Don't get me wrong. They're great cars, i've had mine from 72K miles till now 198K miles with little cost considering the number of miles I've put on it. I have the 2.6 version and love it. I think you can find one with 100K miles for about $3000. Have it looked over and make sure its not leaking too much oil and its mechanically sound..suspension is still good (my ball joints were toast but the car was raised in Buffalo, lots of salt in winter ate them away). Otherwise general maintainence should suffice. I'd imagine 200-250K miles no problem if you take care of it.....I'm shooting for 300K without rebuilding any major parts.

The 2.6 has more oomph and I think less issues as the larger engine is not as taxed and works a little less with greater results flying down the freeway or zooming up a hill as compared with the 2.3.

best of luck

1991 2.6 190E 198K miles
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