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Hello all,
Newbie here looking for some help with my fathers 1980 450SEL. 116 chassis, 5.9L gasoline. He purchased it new and for the last decade, only gets a few hundred miles on each year. Its been quite reliable through the years and he loves the car. As all things, its getting old, rubber bits and plastic pieces are showing age to ozone and UV light.
Some issues he's having which I'm confident I can remedy for him...
1) Today I checked under the hood and the throttle control from the bulkhead to engine has some broken plastic bushings, ball/socket on one end. Its causing the engine to race (run away) at startup. The plastic pieces must be replaced.
2) There's been problems with the climate control box thingie on the right side of the engine, its connected to the heater hoses and has a few terminals connected to it. Dad took it apart once and never could get the springs and ball bearings on the PCB installed correctly - big mistake. Probably an expensive mistake.
3) On top of the air filter is a hose connected to an emissions valve or air valve of some sort, it is clogged with rust - needs repalced.
4) The plastic intake pipe riveted to the air cleaner assembly is cracked and dilapidated - need to be replaced.

My question is this:
Can anyone direct me to parts resouces (new or used) for the above items? Any suggestions or preferences.
I'm trying to correctly identify the parts and find valid part numbers.

About myself: Growing up I was fortunate to have parents who owned at one time or another a 66' 250SL with 4 on the tree, 72 280SL, 74' 280SE?, and the 80' 450SEL.
I'm actually into old Land-Rovers and MGB's, but have no problem diving into any [older]vehicle to keep it operational. I have no idea where to go for Mercedes parts so I turn to the knowledgable people here.
Dad offered to pay me to fix it, I told him that was simply absurd.

Also we cannot find his Chiltons (or Haynes?) manual. I can get a replacement at the local auto store. Can anyone recommned another DIY manual for the 116 Chassis?

Thank you for your time.

Virginia, USA

81' 300SD, 82' 300D
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I think the vintage forum is the place for this.
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