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Infared key

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I have a problem... I got my car with 2 infared keys, 1 worked and the other didnt.

The key that worked got put in the colthes dryer on accident and fell into pieces... It still works but the parts of the key that make it flip out were lost in the dryer.

I have the other key that doesnt work but the flip out feature still works... how can i take apart this key to change out the electronic chip to the one that works.

any info is apperciated
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???What Year 140

I'm not entirely clear as to what year car you have. If it is one of the later W140s--I'm not sure when the later remotes began, but I'm sure about the 98-99s, have you first attempted to synchronize the system with the key that doesn't work. Mine was dead and I was about to tear it apart and work on it. I then noted at page 132 of the owners manual for my 99, the following:

"To synchronize system, aim transmitter eye at vehicle and press transmitter button (either the lock or unlock button) twice. Within approx. 30 seconds, insert key in steering lock and turn it to position 2. The remote control should once again be operational."

I did that and it worked fine.

If that doesn't work, go ahead and tear them apart.

Good luck,


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