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Indra Evo II kit from Indonesia

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Also posted ths on the rev forum, but wanted more feedback before the purchase

Has anyone else heard of bad things about an Evo II kit coming from a guy named Indra Paulus from Indonesia? I was talking with another forum member last night about it and he recommended that I should go with a different kit because of fitment problems. It can't possibly worse than a Raceonusa kit where there have been problems with the kit bending in the wind, 2 inch overlaps and poor customer service. Comments? :confused:
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just dont do it. simple as that.
honestly, for that kind of money tho, you can make you car look ALOT sweeter, and it would require drilling or cutting anything either.
hes talkin about the evo 2 kit, those need cutting and shit, the evo 1 looks better anyway lol.
for 2k you can do alot more to your car. but hey, im not gonna stop anyone. i just think for that kind of money id rather do something else to it then add a body kit.
no mods to a desiel?? you obviously have never seen the Deisel boost guys.

save your 2600 and make it a sleeper.
good luck then. id still think it would be wiser to do a performance upgrade.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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