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This topic comes up in a search, but I'm still not clear on what/how to test for a faulty flasher relay/broken switch/dodgy wiring. The general consensus seem to be: check the bulbs, check the fuses, check the relay.

A friend's 1981 (I think) 280ce has the hazard lights flashing, but not the turn signals. In his case, the turn signals don't come on at all. According to other posts ( and, this may still be as a result of a faulty relay.

If we want to confirm a faulty relay, short of swapping the relay out for a working one, can I disconnect the relay and short some contact on the connector to have the indicators just switched on? This should eliminate the possibility of a bad switch/wiring.

Also, this is not the first time that the 280ce's indicator are on the blink (pun intended), and last time it turned out to be loose wire. Unfortunately the person who fixed it last is no longer with us. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this car?

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