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Indash fitment Issue! (Trim)

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hey guys,
so today i installed my in dash 7" flip out dvd player. in order for the perfect fitment i need to remove this trim (shown in the picture) any suggestions on it: the best way to removing/ or taking out?



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worked pretty well. Thanks alot leapyfish for the link. appreciate your help once more :)
which brand model 7" flip out dvd player are u installing?
post pics after:)
So you had to remove the whole center panel to get your unit to fit? I'd like to know what kind it is too....
id like to see how bad it blocks the vent controls... sure it looks nice though, cant wait to see pics

I have a flip out in my truck and love it.. I chose a din sized DVD player for my slk though
I will post the pictures up this afternoon! (soon as i get home from school :)
ya the vent seems to be blocked but not as bad as i thought. the good thing it has a angle control so i can mess with it.
I agree, you should not have to take that part out. Mine was very, very tight, but it went slid in... SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pics of installation.

here are the steps.

you have to get the adapter: Metra 70-9002 Radio/Stereo Wire Wiring Harness Plug ( no cutting just plug)

1.take out the stock radio: (with keys or small knife)
2.unplugged all harnesses (3 usually)
4.connect the wires (using diagram or colors:D) i had 3 extra wires. just tape them for safety reasons. :eek:
5.Test if everything works before placing the unit in dash.

Best of luck to everyone.


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1 MOre:D


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