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The fall is here, and it is almost the time to put the hard top back on the car.

Before installing all newly refurbished and leather wrapped side panels:

Suede like headliner is done and installed too...

Applied Rattletrap, makes a big difference!

I've noticed that both "header" panels were sagging a little - once I took them off, found out why:

There are should be clips, 2 per side. Whoever worked on this car before - never installed those metal clips. I did, still available at the dealer

What a difference little things like these make! Missing plugs for the same panels are no longer missing

Installed, along with the spare set of non-cracked (not yet anyway) corner covers

I did order the solid metal corner from German company (not shipping to the US), friend will bring these over, and those will be permanent, as I'm sure these plastic OE will crack soon...

Just the last few days of being topless...

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