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in-line 6 gets too hot

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My 95 S320's engine will climb to 110 degree Celius on a day when outside temp is 30C or above. Is there any way to lower the temp?
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Take a look at the W124 Forum

Several of us E300 and E320 users have had similar issues. There is lots of info on the W124 forum about changing the thermostat, adding resistors to the aux fan curcuit and a good debate about the pro's and con's of runing hot.

Bottom line appears to be you can make it run cooler but actually 110 degrees is OK and better for the engine than running too cool.

My 1991 UK Spec 300TE-24v runs up to 110 if I sit in traffic for more than 5 mins. The aux fans then kick in and bring it down to 90, a few mins more they cut out and it rises to 110. They cut in again and so on......... like a yo-yo.


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This question comes up from time to time on all the MB forums for all engines, and from ...

This question comes up from time to time on all the MB forums for all engines, and from reading the dozens and dozens of posts from the techs, 110 degrees is not considered hot. Some guys have called MB USA and were told the same thing. You can run your car all day at 110 and no damage will result. At 110, though, your secondary electric fan should come on, and promptly cool your car down to 100 degrees. At 100 degrees the thermostat turns the fan off.

I think the thing that scares people is that the temp gauge on Mercedes is a real gauge that shows what the temperature is instantly. All other cars, including BMW's, have buffers built in that prevents the gauge from moving until the engine gets real hot, and then the gauge starts to move up closer the red zone. We are all used to the temp gauges on Japanese and American cars where the needle on the temp gauge stays well below the halfway point and never really moves.

Also, FWIW, the fan clutches are said to very seldom go out. Some techs have posted that they've never replaced them.
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