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In dash CD player

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Hi, I just installed a Sony cdxr3000 head unit in my 420SEL, the radio works fine, better sounding than the Becker I removed but for some reason the CD player gives no sound output at all. The CD is running and I have tried 2 different CD's in case 1 was faulty. Before I purchased the car someone had installed a sony 10 CD changer that worked through the becker radio with a controler mounted below the radio itself. I have removed all of the components but still no tunes. Any advice is welcomed.
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Just an update, I looked through the wiring diag last night and I realized that the factory amps are supplied from the antenna feed. This meant when I put a cd in the radio turned off, the antenna retracted and I lost the feed to the amps. I seperated the leads going to the amps and the antenna and supplied the amps with a seperate supply. Now works and looks awesome.[:D]
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