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In Abilene Texas.

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Hello, I joined some time ago, but didn't introduce myself. Obviously I live in Abilene Texas, and would appreciate hearing from anyone in the area that know/appreciates MBs. I have seen a few the same age on the road here. Mine is a refugee from a junkyard, also called an 82 300D turbo. Now back to fairly good shape, but still needs work (allways!). It was on the side of the road about 18 months ago, I bought it drove it to work the next day and had three people offer to buy it. Sometimes I think I should have agreed to one of them. ;) email is [email protected].

Since I retired yesterday, I now have time to spend on the car. :) I would post a picture, but I havn't been able to get that part of the computer to work yet.
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Welcome to the forum.

The model specific pages will help with tech questions.
Welcome to Benzworld! I have an 83 300D Turbo as you can see by my avatar.
Now that you have time, work on the pics.
Welcome! Nice to see a fellow Texan on here.
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