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Impulsiveness in buying SLK (350 or 55)

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Oh god what am i thinking about. I had placed an order for a SLK350 since last october and i was eagerly waiting for its production in March. So, i had to go to the dealership to check if my order in place. I am probably at 2 or 3 spot in the list.

So i ask to see the SLK350 in the lot, you know such that i can day dream about the car all day with the picture in my head. Walk around the lot and saw a car which seems to be a SLK350 with AMG package, which great neat. As i walk over i found fins on the side and realizr its actually a SLK55. Holy crap, after seeing the engine and test drove the car, I totally lost my mind. I mindlessly signed the papers and purchase the car.

When i am in the car, i feel i am like in heaven (everything is a bliss) but once i looked at the bill, i think its more than what i have budgeted for.
I waited nearly six month to purchase this but i have totally discarded the six month of waiting in 1 day after test driving the SLK55.

My point is, once you see the SLK car in real life, it makes you do crazy stuff. To all those buyers, be strong. Will post pic of the car once i get all shining. BTW speed is unbelievable.

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hehe, you did the same thing as me. My dealer 'happened' to have a 55 when I was scheduled to test drive a manual 350, but I ended up driving the 55 and buying it [:D]
My experience was similar. I was at the dealer in December to get my SLK 320 serviced, and I decided to check out the new SLKs. I had been planning to get an SLK55, but I neglected to order one. My plan was to maybe order one that day so that I would have it this summer sometime.

To my amazement, they had a black SLK55 sitting right there on the lot with everything that I wanted. I went for a test drive, and I bought the car that day. I have not regretted my decision one bit. I love this car!
Now that i starting thinking about it purchasing the car, the SLK55 is like a piece of art. Especially when the engine has the builder name engraved on it. Hehe, like Vincent Van Gogh painting. Too bad can't frame it up on the wall. Mine is a Diamond silver SLK55. Truly unbelievable car..


Congratulations on your impulsiveness! It has served you well it seems [:D]

Also looking forward to pics of your ride since I've always been curious to see more pics of the SLK55 in diamond (tellurite) silver. That was my second choice in color.

I know how you feel. I think we're all capable of such impulsiveness when it comes to cars in one form or another. I placed my order for an SLK55 back in April and waited until December to take delivery. During the long wait, I got zapped by gotta-have-a-new-car fever several times and could not wait any longer. In September, as the first word of US customers receiving their SLK350's started appearing, I became so jealous and stricken by the new car fever that a random visit to a BMW dealership resulted in me taking home a red X5 4.8is. At that point, I felt that I had just about killed my SLK55 order without actually telling my dealer. Two $70K cars in a year was not in my planned budget and I couldn't believe what I had just done since I've been looking forward to the benz for so long. December rolls around and I took delivery anyway... "chalked it up" to roll-over as the '05 car budget. Yeah right. Now I want to buy an M5 when it arrives this year, but I have no idea how I'm going to explain that to my accountant. Crazy what seemingly senseless things people will do for the love of cars. Never a wise investment but always a guaranteed ear-to-ear smile.

Enjoy your new SLK!
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Congrats and welcome to our world of "losing it over our cars"

Maybe you can relate to this quicktime movie (although it's a 350)...[:D][:D][:D]
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