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Importing contacts from iphone w/o command

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New member here, I recently bought my first Merc, a 2008 C180 Komp Sedan and I'm lovin' it! :smile

My iphone 6 connects beautifully to the BT phone every time I step into the car. However, I can't seem to work out how to import contacts to it.
I don't have the satnav or the command system, just the BT phone.

I found some old threads here about troubles regarding similar issues, but I figured since the threads were really old maybe the issue has been solved somehow...

As far as I could figure it out I just need a BT app on my iphone that can send vcards through the "general bluetooth protocol", but I can't seem to find any.
Anyone solved this issue?
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I have a 2013 C250 and my contacts seemed to import fine when I first synced my phone to the car. I have the Iphone 6 as well and I have had no issues. It may just be the technology in the car as well.
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