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Importing an SL from Canada, Japan Version, into USA

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Looking at an 04 r230 SL600, Vin WDB2304761F082116.
It's a Japan version, with license plate holder for Mexico.Asia, according to the build for the VIN. Not very USA.

How do I determine if this car can be imported into the US. I would not want to modify anything to meet EPA regs.
Are all later model Mercedes such as this one EPA compliant?
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You have to call your state offices as this is what will be applied.
Each car has a label, either on the engine valve cover or in the engine compartment that will say "compliant with Federal (state) emission and safety laws "
If it doesn't have it, you need to contact MB representative and get a letter that it does.
If you don't get such letter- the car will be part donor.
I was considering importing Canadian Smart diesel to California and I had to deal with 3 government agencies that don't communicate between themselves.
Refusal from any of them would stop me from registering the car. That can easy turn into nightmare.
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