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im selling....

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it's been a great time having her, but i think its time to let her 17 and love the car, i'll miss the friday nights cruising and watchin the girls check out the ride....but i didnt think of the fact that the payments for insurance and on a 17y/o budget would be hard to pay insurance....thats the only reason why i'm selling it because im graduating in may and need to save up for college so i can get a good job later and buy a brand new m/b, lol....anyways, what should i ask for the car... ~exterior~ : awsome paint condition, no scratches, small dent in the grill frame, but other than that she's clean

~interior~ : perfect, not a single flaw from what i can see, tan m/b "leather", brand new pioneer cd player 1 week old,

~engine~ : :) 273,000 miles on battery&cat. back oem exhaust, all oem parts...every single oil change was done @ 3,500 miles, rad. flush @ every 10,000, trany flush @ every 62,500....very well the second owner, the first was a 58y/o man who obviously did a lot of traveling(his daughter and son live in fla.(usa) we live in mass.(usa), thats a 3,000 mile round trip, so for 10+ years the miles and road trips add up.

from the description what should i start asking at???'s a 1992 190e 2.3l 8v sohc

i was thinking around $2,750-3,000 (usd) ....sound bout right ....kellyblubk est. at $3750(usd)

please post for a good askin price....also if interested email at [email protected]

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im selling...

ok...guys/ selling my car for $2,000(usd) the previous post of mine for the specs of my car, and to see whats up w/ the gonna be sad when she goes thats for sure but i need to get rid of her. at $268/mon for insurence is kinda high for me right now....thats why im parting w/ e-mail me for any questions or what [email protected]

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Well, i would've asked for $2500 and keep a $500 to $250 margin for bargains. I think $2000 is quite reasonable.U could've asked 4 alot more if u had lower miles on it. What color is it anyways?
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