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Im selling my 2002 C240 $6000

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I had it parked on the driveway and some idiot rear ended it. What sucks for me is that I was going to sell it so i removed the insurance two days prior, OUCH!! So now I am forced to sell the car for $6000. The car is drivable, engine starts, but I woulndt drive around town in it untill it is repaired. I will take pictures of it this week. If i for sme reason can not sell it all in one shot I will then part it out and put up a price list.

if you have questions please email me: [email protected]
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Holy crap!!! How big an idiot does someone have to be to rear-end a car that is parked in your driveway!!??

Does this mean we'll see more of you in the W210 forum? ;)

I am sorry to hear that, man. Good luck!

Take care and enjoy the ride,
If they are insured you might be able to go through the property damage of their insurance. Of course if they are not insured, no luck there.
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