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im going to change my interior leather

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im going to change my interior leather what colour should i change it to
maybe ill turn my ml320's interior into this becuase this ml that is very nice LEATHER FROM ''KATZKIN''
image below[8D]


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Groundhog - 1/26/2005 3:13 PM do i post my ML on here?
You can post one pic as an attachment using the Attach a file after posting check box at the bottom of the reply window - for example if you try to reply to this message a reply window pops up and at the bottom there's a checkbox for attaching anything.

Alternatively, if you have several pics to post, I usually upload them to My Benzworld (see top title tag above) then use the Image tag in the reply/new post window to include the URL of the pic. It'll display as a pic. If you use the URL http:... tag instead, it'll display as a URL - the green URL symbol you see on some posts. If you have several pics, just keep Imaging them and inserting comments in between. I believe the system will trim the pic to some optimal pixels if the memory demands for your piucs are beyond the maximum allowed. That's it. So post your pics away.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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