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I'm confused about antennas

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OK...I've looked all over these forums and don't see a straight answer, so I'll ask a straight question.

I've got an '02 SLK320 and I want to put the SL antenna mast on it. I just want to know if I want the mast from an R230 or R129.

Can I just change to the stubby mast or do I need to change the actual antenna connector as well?

Help brain has fallen and it can't get up.

Thank you in advance
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I ordered the Euro-antenna from my Stealership today for $56. Not horrible and should only take 4 days to get.

Thanx falcon for those other posts...they did the trick. Now if my grille and wind deflectors would get here....

Roof Commander gets installed on Tuesday.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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