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I'm confused about antennas

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OK...I've looked all over these forums and don't see a straight answer, so I'll ask a straight question.

I've got an '02 SLK320 and I want to put the SL antenna mast on it. I just want to know if I want the mast from an R230 or R129.

Can I just change to the stubby mast or do I need to change the actual antenna connector as well?

Help brain has fallen and it can't get up.

Thank you in advance
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I have been involved in the antenna discussion on and off for a while and I guess I dont know. We have always just said it was an SL antenna, I don't know if it is an R129 or an R230.

Ok, after some further research, I think it is the R230 ( I bought one of those from 560se (his new name is OJwerks, send him a PM).

You only need the tip, it will screw onto the base we have. The only issue I have with it is our base is a flat black rubber and the SL stubby antenna is color coded. You can either match your body color or get black, but if you get black it will be glossy. Some folks get the tip to match their body color and then have the current base painted to match.

There is also some more info in this thread:

Good luck.
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