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I'm a new member

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Hi, nice to be here.
I've got a 1998 E300 turbodiesel.
It's only got 111,000 km and never seen winter.
Unfortunately I've been unable to procure a service manual from M-B so that I can tackle my own basic maintenance.
Any suggestions?
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Stick around here for a while. Almost everything you can do to your car has been done by members and they even show photos how to do it. Check out the stickies and if you can't find it there, do a search. If nothing pops up, someone around here will know how to do it right.

Greetings from Montana Territory! has a basic schedule for almost any car. go there and type in your vehicle.

also, stay away from your dealership and find a good independent.

check out this thread!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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