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illuminated door sills?

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has anybody installed illuminated door sills in his car? what does it take?
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I've installed the door sills. I purchased them off of ebay and then brought it to an auto accessory store and they ran it to the door lights. So you needed the door sills and the wires and thats all to install them.
I've installed them myself

It is very time consuming to do yourself and to do the job right. I had my friend who is a mb mechanic print out the directions and they sucked! They wanted you to drill a hole in your new car, splice the wireing harness and make the back sill light up only when the front doors open. Truely bad. If you want to do it yourself without drilling and splicing, you'll have to email me. Let me just tell you, be willing to spend 4+ hours and disassemble you interior panels and your back seat in order to get to the fuse panel. It's better if you do it your self because there are a lot of butchers out there!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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