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Illuminated door sills

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Has anyone installed these themselves? Is it hard to do or as easy at it's advertised.<br>
Also can you let me know where you got it from and for how much (if that's cool)I looked on ebay but I can't seem to find any on ebay anymore<br>
thanks in advance<p>
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I have mine installed by the dealer. The dealer claimed it took them 1 day to do it. And installation + parts are US$700. <br> Perhaps I am a bit lazy to do it myself, u may try it if u have a spare weekend. U can always bring it back to the dealer if u fail to install it.<br> It looks cool!<br> Good luck.<p>
Well, I bought them directly from the MB dealer in Switzerland (so I guess the price is irrelevant to you). As usual here, the installation (by the dealer) was quite expensive - he must have charged for several hours of labour.<br> <br> I looks absolutely cool - but first the one on the passenger side failed (and had the relay replaced), now the one on the driver side failed (I guess the same problem). I'm happy to have had them installed by the dealer, so everything is warranty.<p>
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