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You don't, this is not a easy DIY job. Find a very well equipped locksmith or indy and ask them how much they charge to program the EIS or clone it over.

If program, then they need to wipe the ESL and ECU on your car and program it to the new EIS. Downside, you won't be able to order a new key from MB dealer, as all the keys they order is for the previous ignition switch.

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That single post is about the same as "my battery went dead and I need radio code" And of course nick. :unsure:

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I bought a switch w210 for my 2001 E320 it came with the key for that switch, how do I have the switch coded for my car?
Welcome H8thiscar2020,
You should have asked/checked here on the forum, before you bought. :|

You need to look for the EIS, ECM, gnition lock module and the keys, all off the same matching w210.
All these must match otherwise they won't work; they're married/programmed to one another.
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