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1986 300E

VIN wdbea30d9ga095992

L6 / 3.0L Gas ,FI, N

This car had a wiring short which toasted some wiring. The previous owner had installed a non MB radio and a CD Changer. There have been numerous problems from this, however the defroster was not affected for 2 years.

Situation; The defroster (wind shield ) only operates normally when the Car is Warm: About 20 minutes.
The problem started when I started using the re circulating function. When cold, To defrost the shield, I turn off the ignition ( key ) when the ignition is again on, the defroster blows for 5 to 10 seconds and stops.

It feels like a relay is opening due to too much demand for wattage. I replaced the ignition tumbler earlier and could correct the problem by turning the key to the “sweet spot” and the problem would be corrected. Sometimes when the defrost is working and I push another button for lower heat, there is no result, I can't turn it off (the Heater that is).
Tacoma WA.
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