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1987 420SEL
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Short History, then question. 1987 420SEL
Monday, runs like a new car
Tues, runs good, with a little twitch
Wed, hard to start, runs poor
Thur, very hard to start, have to fight to keep running
Fri, won't start.I just cuss it and jump in the truck.
Sit thru weekend, then start cycle again on Mon.
This has been going on for quite a while, just in the last 2 months have I understood the cycle.

Suspicion is the ignition control unit, it is the only part I haven't verified with meter readings and responses.(it is the unit on the driver side front fender well, 3 electrical connections and 1 vacuum)
Is there a way to diagnose this plus $1,400 part?
I saw a post where a fella mentioned $259 for an 84 560SEC ICU.
Are there any alternatives to a direct replacement?
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