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1993 300E 2.8
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I've been searching w/o success...

I bought 3 cables w/ connectors to the 3 coils (from dealer p/n 202 540 60 81). These come w/ a lenght of about 2 meters and the 2 wires are in a nice insulated cable.

The originals are separate wires in the engine harness where one wire from each go to 3 ecu connecor pins (behind battery) while other 3 wires becomes common (connected) and grounded near drivers side fender.

Any idea how I should incorporate these 3 cables into the engine harness I'm building? I'm going to find a ground near battery compartment for the 3 commons and send the 3 signal wires to the ecu connector pins -- any issues w/ that?

Couldn't find anything about this when others built their own engine harness.

Thanks for any help.
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