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if somebody crashes into you

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Hi, this is a hypothetical situation:<br>
If somebody crashes into you and it was his fault, whose insurance goes up?<br>
My friend got hit in the rear by a dump truck that did not have insurance, cops establish it wasn't my friend's fault, but his insrruance went up (because the other guy did not have coverage I guess).<br>
But if the other guy has coverage, does his pay for your car's entire damage or just deductible and your insurance pays the rest (in this case, your insurance will increase)?
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Mostly his insurance company will pay for your damage, however your insurance rate will go up, since you had an accident no matter whose fault was it
In VA...

In may 1999 I was rearended on a highway in a stop-and-go traffic and my car was totalled. The other guy's insurace company took care of me 100% (no deductible + rental car) and my insurance premium didn't go up at all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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